To purchase a package submit a request on the Quote page.

Please allow 2 business days to process the request.  I will contact you with estimated fee and time frame for the package of your choice.

50% of the package or hourly rate quoted is due at the time of service as a non refundable “deposit.”  Any remaining fees will be charged after service is rendered.

Packages & Pricing

I offer discounts to individuals with personal websites or blogs. The discounts start at 20% off the regular price.

Basic Package

starting at $300

Basic website 3-5 pages and basic customization.

Advanced Package

starting at $400

In addition to the Basic Package your website will also be equipped with:

  • an email associated with the site
  • a subscription feed (this allows visitors to subscribe to your site and receive updates and/or newsletters
  • Moderate customization (ex: sticky menu or Events Calendar, etc)

The Advanced Package is ideal for you if you need to enhance the communication with your customers or readers.

Premium Package

starting at $500

In addition to the Basic and Advanced Packages you will also receive:

  • The option to include e Commerce (process customer payments)
  • Installation and configuration of Advanced Widgets and Premium Themes
  • Advanced Customization (custom CSS, Bootstrap Integration, Responsive Menus, etc)

Platinum Package

starting at $600

In addition to the Basic, Advanced, and Premium Packages you will also:

  • hold me on retainer for 1 year.  I will upkeep your site and fix any issues that occur post production.

When updates are needed I will charge a significantly discounted hourly fee. The discount is 20% ($10 an hour less) than the regular hourly fees listed below.

Having me on retainer also means that you “cut” to the front of the line.

Hourly Plan

starting at $50 an hour

Instead of buying a package you can purchase my services on an hourly basis.  I can fine tune an existing web site or add additional features.

  • Hourly Rate: $50

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